Do You Need a Place to Workout, Too?

A client will occasionally ask why my wife Sandy and I decided to open Smarter Exercise.  I usually reply, only half-joking, “because we needed a place to workout.”

The honest truth is… we really did need a place to workout!  In order to make the most of our valuable time and get a great workout, we needed a few things…

First: We needed a professional environment. We wanted a place where we could go and just workout without any hassles.

  • I’m impatient, and I don’t like to wait in line for equipment.
  • We didn’t want to hassle and deal with inconsiderate people who hold-on to equipment through multiple sets because they see you standing there and don’t want to wait for you.
  • Plus, some gyms purposely keep the temperature too hot!  Sweating is not exercise, our bodies sweat when they are over-heated.
  • Too many times, machines and equipment don’t have clear instructions, or are out-of-service altogether…
  • And I can’t take it when the music is too loud or they’re playing music with inappropriate lyrics.

Second:  We wanted a nice place that would be convenient, or else we would never go.

Third:  We needed our workouts to be safe. If we’re going to get hurt, we’re going to get hurt doing something that is a lot more fun and exciting than routine exercise – you know like skydiving, water-skiing, or snowboarding.

Fourth: (OK, we wanted more than just a few things), we also wanted privacy. Let’s face it, more people mean more distractions. Whether they are talking on their phones, talking to other gym members, hovering, staring, posturing, posing in front of a mirror, being rude, being nice, forgetting to wipe down after themselves… Whatever they’re being – they are being a distraction. Hey, I like people, but I don’t want to share their germs or sit in their sweat – yuck!

Fifth:  We need it to be really, really clean!

Sixth:  We needed a place that we could go back to over and over and over… dare I say it, we needed a place to workout where we actually enjoyed going.

Seventh:  My life – like yours – is scheduled.  I need to reserve a little time each week for my myself.  “Me time” has to be on my calendar, or it will be squeezed-out by other appointments that are on my calendar.  Knowing my instructor is expecting me helps me stay accountable to “me time”.

Eighth:  We needed a place to workout where we didn’t have to worry about packing a gym bag, changing into workout clothes, taking extra showers, and washing smelly gym clothes and wet towels.  We needed a place to workout that was well-ventilated, kept cool and the air was circulated so we wouldn’t overheat in the first place – that would save a lot of time!

Come to think of it – Ninth:  We needed a place to workout where all we had to do was show-up.  We needed a strength-training service!

I cannot think of a single activity that is more beneficial to daily life, your sense of well-being, and your ability to do anything you want to do!  Feeling better and looking better, stronger muscles and stronger bones, more stamina and a revved-up metabolism all from brief weekly workout sessions. If you need a place to workout, too then you’re in luck… we made one for you.