I’m No Superman

kryptoniteHaving a strong healthy body is great! Unfortunately, it sometimes fools me into thinking I’m Superman. Well, after suffering weeks of back pain as a result of a strain, this Superman can testify to you that simultaneously bending, twisting, and lifting can feel like being hit with Kryptonite.

I’ve never been hurt while strength training, lifting 300 pounds on the MedX lumbar extension exercise machine is no problem. Bending over while twisting to pick up a little 5-pound rubber weight while setting the resistance for a client — big problem!

Chiropractors and physical therapists encounter this type of injury all the time. According to WebMD, injuries frequently occur when the back muscles are overworked or used in activities that are not performed very often. Activities such as lifting a heavy object improperly, or doing yard work, or lifting small 5-pound rubber weights after having moved six tons of blue and grey gym equipment and then working with your family all day and night for a week to make sure you will be open for business by Monday followed by several long days of standing while bending and twisting – all are surprisingly common activities which can contribute to injuries.

Fortunately for me, Dr. Larry Dahl of Sage Health Wellness was close by. He was able to treat me almost every day in order to help me manage my pain in order to help me continue working. Eventually, his terrific care, frequent icing, anti-inflammatories, massage, rest, a little wine in the evenings, and time all contributed to my recovery. Today, I’m feeling so much better – like I could fly.