The Calorie Myth

I’m reading The Calorie Myth by Jonathon Bailor and ran across this quote from Doug McGuff, MD:

“Instead of getting back on the treadmill ‘one more time,’ try this.  Alter your diet so that you eat no grain-based carbohydrate: no flour, no sugar, no bread, no pasta, and no high-fructose corn syrup.  Then go to the gym and perform a workout of leg press, pull down, chest press, row and overhead press.  Lift slowly and smoothly but with as much effort as possible.  Go to complete fatigue, or as close to it as you can tolerate.  Work out once, or at most, twice a week.  Make sure your workouts last no longer than 20 minutes.  Then sit back and watch what happens.”

Doug McGuff is one of my heroes…