Instructors: Thom Tombs

Thom Tombs, co-owner of Smarter Exercise in Encinitas
Thom Tombs, co-owner of Smarter Exercise in Encinitas

My own introduction to strength training took place in a rather nondescript office park in Encinitas, California. I would walk by a nondescript “by appointment only” sign to get to the nondescript office park delicatessen. Then, I would walk by the sign again with my lunch order in hand back to my office. Some days, I walked by the sign several times… for breakfast, for lunch, and then again for dinner. My expanding waist line and I were working a lot of hours in those days. As the Senior Director of Information Technology at a fast-growing company, I honestly believed I didn’t have enough time to exercise.

One day, out of curiosity, I ignored the sign and poked my head in the door. I didn’t know it then, but what I discovered in that nondescript office park was about to change the course of my life forever. What I discovered was that I absolutely did have time to exercise, and that I had not even known what exercise really is.

After just a few workouts with my instructor, this computer guy was actually gaining muscle! Having new muscle was inspiring me to eat better. As I began to pay attention to what went into my mouth, I started losing fat. I felt better physically, and my clothes fit better. As time went on, it seemed to me that I didn’t catch every flu bug that came by. I even stopped smoking, eventually.

I’m so happy with the results and the health benefits that I continue to enjoy that I gave up my former IT career. I studied to become certified in SuperSlow, and together with my wife Sandy, we opened our own strength training facility so we could share this remarkable workout with others.

I’m in the best shape of my life now. I feel stronger and better at age 48 than I did as an 18 year old Marine. I got that way by exercising once (sometimes twice) each week for 10-20 minutes.